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Building luxury Apartments

We have Hands on Experience On Developing Residencial Flats Projects. We have Build and Construct Residentials Flats project at Amravati and Other Cities

Building luxury Villas

We have Hands on Experience On Developing Residencial luxury Villas. We have Build and Construct Residentials luxury Villas at Amravati and Other Cities

Factory Setup

Simple Consultants Engineers have all the capability from technical skilled man power to technologically advanced tolls and equipments to Achieve Large Factory Setup Goal.

Interior Design

Simple Consultants Provides Best in class interior Designs.

Scope of Our Services : We are enlisting our services, splitting into various project phases, to have a primary idea. These services can be either offered as individually or may be clubbed together as per the requirement of the Client.

  • Prepare Preliminary Estimates and assist the Client in their decisions like concept design finalization, specifications etc.
  • Use of value engineering which will help to reduce the cost and construction time e.g. suggesting alternative materials or use of new technologies etc.
  • Prepare the detailed Bill of Quantities
  • Prepare detailed Reinforcement calculations.
  • Prepare detailed estimate, project budget and cost plan to monitor the costs
  • Prepare Preliminary Estimates and assist the Client in their decisions like concept design finalization, specifications etc
  • Use of value engineering which will help to reduce the cost and construction time
  • Understanding the Client’s requirement precisely and percolating the same to the consultants
  • Pre-qualification, obtaining quotations from the consultants and final selection of Consultants
  • Defining the scope of the consultants and finalizing the contracts
  • Organizing design coordination meeting with all the consultants
  • Coordination with the Consultants and resolve their requirements regarding decisions and drawings
  • Raising un-resolvable issues to Client
  • Preparing, distributing and following up of the minutes of coordination meeting
  • Follow up with all the consultants for timely release of the drawings

Architectural services include design, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. Architects also provide a wide variety of services including feasibility studies, architectural programming and project management.

The following is an outline of services typically offered by architects and their sub-consultants:

• Project Inception
- The planning of your project starts here. Working together with your architect, you will share your project needs, dreams and goals.
• Schematic Design – During this stage your architect will begin by preparing preliminary design sketches based on your requirements and budget to explore and illustrate possible options. The architect will review these options with you, pointing out the merits and responding to your input.
• Design Development – This stage refines the agreed upon schematic design for a clearer definition of the scope and quality of the finished project. Further cost projections will determine how closely the design conforms to the budget expectations, or what, if any, adjustments are required.
• Construction Documents – When the design concepts have been decided, the architect prepares working drawings and specifications. These are required to obtain building permits and bids, and to guide the contractor in construction.
• Bidding and Negotiation – Your architect can advise you on your choice of contractor – usually done by calling for competitive bids. Your architect will help evaluate the bids and select the contractor, and prepare the contract between you and the contractor.
• Construction and Contract Administration – Your architect will consult with you and advise you during construction. On-site visits will determine if construction is proceeding in general accordance with the contract, and that the design, materials, and workmanship meet with acceptable standards.
• Substantial Performance of Construction / Occupancy Certificate – Your architect provides regular progress reports to keep you informed, authorizes staged payments to the contractor and remains involved until the project is completed.
There are a number of additional services an Architect can provide including:
• project management
• feasibility studies
• site selection
• building condition audits
• programming
• interior design
• renderings and promotional materials
• full time site representation
• multiple contract preparation
  • Conduct periodic site meetings to monitor progress of work, co-ordinate activities of all agencies and ensure that all outstanding matters, drawings and decisions are resolved.
  • Co-ordination among all consultants and Client for timely inputs such as drawings, specifications and decisions
  • Monitoring project costs and reporting the cost escalation and advice to overcome the same.
  • Planning and implementing Change Control System to minimize their impact over cost and time
  • Monitor progress of work, submit periodic status report to client on execution planned & achieved
  • Suggest necessary actions to keep the project on track
  • Define the project scope to avoid scope creep at the time of execution
  • Prepare bid packages for various activities
  • Prepare a RFP (Request for Proposal) and Tender Document
  • Pre-qualification of Contractors
  • Inviting Tenders, Analyzing the quotes, negotiations and recommendation for finalizing contractor
  • Award of Contract and completion of legal formalities for awarding the contract.
  • Ensuring all the obligations of the contractors are fulfilled as specified in the contract document such as indemnities, insurances and warranties.
  • Planning systems for preparation of contractual documentation and keep proper records
  • Ensuring that all the team members are meeting their contractual obligations
  • Check and certify the Invoices raised by the contractors
  • Scrutinize, negotiate and certify claims made by contractor for extension of time and reimbursement of cost. Discuss, negotiate and settle contractual disputes
  • Preparing the punch list for defective works before handing over
  • Collecting warrantees, guarantees and other committed documentations before closure of contract
  • Collecting as built drawings
  • Ensure proper Closure of contract as per directives given in the contract document
  • Plan and Monitor cash flow for the project based on the construction schedule and payment schedule as agreed with the vendors
  • Review project cost at regular intervals against planned and actual cost and ensure the project stays within the budget.
  • All appropriate changes are recorded accurately along with their cost and time impact and necessary changes to be made in the Schedules and budget
  • Use Value engineering to control the costs without affecting the time and quality